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Monday, October 5, 2015

I am

Good morning. I am working on creating my first blog. I am a Christian woman who retired from the public school system in 2010. I worked for 37 years as a Special Education teacher, Media Specialist and then Instructional Technology Resource Specialist. There were very few days of those 37 years that I did not enjoy what I was doing.
I begin my journey for Christ at age 11. My mother started us in church from six months old and we all learned how good god is to us. This has not changed although both of my parents are gone. I have sung in the choir, taught Sunday School, Superintendent of Sunday School, Financial Secretary and held many other jobs in my service to the Lord. I raised two sons and helped raise two grandkids in the church. I am happy to say that they are all born again believers and are also working in the service of the Lord.
As a Special Education teacher I held my students to a high standard according to what they could achieve. I never accepted the excuse that I am a special students. They were each required to learn to the best of their ability. I continually taught that they would be required to work in the world outside of school and their status as special students would not be taken into consideration. So I taught and they learned. I am happy to say that former students who see me always remember me and have kind words to say. My motto was "No one rises to low expectations." They appreciate what I did and if they have their kids with them they tell them that she was a tough teacher and I appreciate her for making me learn.
As a Media Specialist I was able to encourage students to explore the world of books. I have been a reader ever since I was four years old. I grew up in a town where everyone knew each other and they knew that if they saw me I had a book. The idea of a good book is always stimulating and I challenged students to visit and utilize the service of the Media Center on a regular basis. When walking the halls of the school if I encountered a student I did not recognize i would ask if they had been to the Media Center and then encourage them to come and check out a book.
My final journey with the school system was teaching teachers how to use the technology that was available to them. That was a totally unique experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. One of my best students was a lady who was preparing to retire and was extremely afraid of the computer but by the time I finished with her. She had to go and buy herself one and she has been on it ever since.
After spending the first 3 years of my retirement reading or listening to all of the authors that I missed while working I followed the idea that had been in my mind for ten years and begin to write. I have published three romance ebooks and one family cookbook. I m honing my skills as a writer and continuing to push myself because my personal motto is that I am a forever learner.

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