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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Books I have read lately


Once and Again

A Return to Briarwood Novel

This book reminded me of the books by Mariah Stewart and Debbie Macomber. The way the author treated the lead charters and intertwined the remainder of the town into their lives was nothing short of brilliant.  Carolyn and Jake’s story will be remembered as I travel through other books like this one. This is a home run for me.  Continue to write ms Barrett.

Paradise City

CJ Duggan
I am not sure if I liked this book or not. When I read the description I thought I would like it and it would be a funny kind of story. The story did move along fairly well but could have been a little more detail oriented.

Nightwalker by Jacquelyn Frank
I liked this book as a continuation in the series. While it could stand alone, it is better if you have read the others before it. The story dragged at the beginning but got better as the book progressed.

The Closer You Come

by Gena Showalter
This book goes on my “So glad I read it list.” Brook Lynn and Jase are such a wonderful matched pair.  She completes him and he helps her to see her own potential. Her sister Jessie although a screw-up loves her and is only trying to hide her pain by doing the stupid things she does. West and Beck round out the story and make for wonderful characters that help make the story complete. I love this story.

Blurred Lines by Laura Layne is an interesting story that was a little disjointed but a good fast read. Ben is a good hero. His and Parker's launch into casual sex turned into real love make for a good love story. I am glad that Parker’s mother made it. The author treated the cancer diagnosis in a kind manner. I would read this author again.

Blind Spot by Tom Kakonis was an intense novel that kept the pages turning. The father started out as mild and nondescript until his son was stolen from him. He made a promise to his wife that he would bring the boy back home. He suffered beatings, sleepless nights, terrors of the unknown while visiting places he had only heard about in his desperate search for his son. In the end he and his son were saved by the man who thought he was adopting a son so that his wife would be happy. He died saving both of them. Well written story.

Code of Honor 
This story was stilted to my way of thinking.  I was not sure who the main character was until I got to chapter two. Pietro and Lucia are a good match. But for Pietro to be so brilliant he was not believable in keeping his feelings for Lucia hidden from her and her father. Although it seemed to be evident that the father did not trust anyone but Pietro to watch over his daughter he seemed to not know that Pietro was in love with her. The Mafia connection seemed forced and really did not add a lot to the story. "I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review."

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